About Tom Koroluk



Picture this. It is spring and a strange man rings the doorbell of my parents home in Winnipeg, Canada. Who new it would be a door to door salesman selling music lessons. On accordion yet! The salesman must have done a good sell job because here we are 45 years later and I'm still playing my accordion as well as other instruments. My formal music lessons lasted until I was a young adult. It was during those years where I learned theory, harmony, counter point and many other skills that I use to this day. It wasn't until my final years of high school where I really started to develop a love of the ethnic music of my ancestors from Ukraine. This new found interest was the driving force that allowed me to establish my recording studio. Since then, I have been arranging, composing and, recording music for clients all over the globe as well as, working with local musicians/artists to produce and record their music. Composing music to film came along as a natural extension of the studio as technology has made it possible to create wonderful rich sounding orchestrations right from within my computer. 

Mine are the eyes of a performer, too.


Don't think that I'm confined to just sitting in my studio writing and recording music. Oh, no. I have been actively performing for over 30 years in various ways. Whether playing in a small weekend band, playing my accordion for ethnic dance groups or, scoring music and conducting a 20 piece orchestra. I always try to get out and make some live music!



From the time I began this journey, I've been refining my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to perfect the art of music production. The result of my labors has become clearly evident in the quality of music that I have been able to deliver.    

Client Comments

Walle LArsson

I first met Tom Koroluk over twenty years ago. At that time he assisted me in the selection of appropriate recording gear, samplers DAW's etc. At that time he was advanced in digital recording and multi track productions. Tom's technical background in electronics have helped him assemble a world class recording studio specifically focused on film and television production. His background as a musician and composer has been the backbone of his skill set. Combing his musical abilities with his technical prowess in the studio have allowed Tom to confidently take on film composing and production at a very high level. It has truly been a pleasure to witness Tom's progress from his beginnings to what he is able to accomplish presently. Tom has and will undoubtedly continue to put Winnipeg and Canada on the map for film and television musical production.

Walle Larsson - saxophonist and Billboard top twenty recording artist

Damilola Orimogunje

It was a beautiful experience working with Tom, we casually met on social media & was astounded by his confidence in me & my work - I mean at that time, I was a stranger. He's a thorough brilliant professional & can't wait to work with him again. 

Russell Lee

I have had the pleasure of recording two cds at Tom Koroluk’s recording studio.  I can tell you that he is very professional, is a multi talented  musician, and a multi talented recording engineer.   His knowledge for the recording process incredible.  Once you are in the studio recording,  you will notice the calm confidence that Tom shows as well as he great demeanor and attitude towards your project.  He is there to help you but totally understands this is your recording and will adapt to any request that you have.  To top this off, the quality of the recordings from his studio are top notch, and expertly done!  I am so happy with the previous results that I am back in the studio recording new songs for my next CD.

Russell Lee

Singer, songwriter, musician

Nominated for 6 awards at the 2017 MCMA

Erol Meryl

If passion were something one could bottle and sell, it would likely have Tom as the spokesperson. He brings creativity, skill and imagination to ever project. Tom is always willing to listen and incorporate the ideas of others. He is kind, respectful and willing to share his knowledge in a way that elevates the art of music production. I am blessed to have worked with him. And, to call him a friend. 

Erol Meryl

Producer, Never Again Productions.